Thank you for your interest in our casting call to be held on
Saturday, September 22


Gay/Bisexual African American and Hispanic/Latino MSM and Transgender Persons ages 13-34. We are looking for “real people,” which may include but not be limited to, singles, couples, parents/mother/father of gay/bisexual or transgender person, sisters/brothers of a gay/bisexual or transgender person, immediate family of gay/bisexual or transgender person of all ages, shapes, sizes, professions/careers, and, who are camera-friendly and actively involved and respected in your communities; well-spoken and articulate, personable, energetic, and passionate about the African American and Hispanic/Latino LGBT community.


Each participant is required to upload a picture and a 30-second video telling us about yourself. You will also be required to read a 30-second monologue that will be provided the day of the audition. Be yourself and bring your own swag!


Those who participate have the opportunity to make a direct, positive and lasting impact on the well-being of their communities. Talent selected for the campaigns will be professionally compensated.

Proceed to Casting Form


Any questions about the casting call please email


Do I need prior acting experience?


Are walk-ins welcome?

No. Registration through the Be Seen website is required.

If I sign up and do not receive a confirmation email, should I show up to 

the time slot I selected on the website?

Yes. Also, check your spam or promotions folders because your confirmation email might be hiding in there!

Do I need to prepare a monologue or read a script before I attend the audition?

No. Materials will be provided to you upon arrival. Be ready to engage in guided improv scenarios and group interaction.

How long will my audition last?

You will need to be present during the full hour of your selected time slot. You will have 5-10 minutes with the judges. You may also be asked to remain beyond your allocated time slot to participate in a group audition.

When will I hear back from the judges?

You will be notified after the evaluation committee has completed its process with the results of your audition and final talent has been selected for the upcoming campaigns. We will contact those selected first and then follow up with all others, whether or not you have been cast.

What do I need to bring?
Current government issued ID or Driver's License.

Do I need to upload a photo and video?
Yes, you are required to upload a photo and video as well as tell us about yourself.

Is this casting call only for gay/bisexual African American and Hispanic males and transgender persons ages 13-34?
Yes, each person must register for themselves; anyone under the age of 18 will be required to sign a parental consent form.

If I’m under 18, do I need to be accompanied by my parent/legal guardian?
Yes, your parent/legal guardian will need to come with you to the casting call and sign the consent form. Consent forms will not be given out before hand.

Please plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early. Parking is very limited in the area. You are encouraged to take some form of public transportation or other means to ensure a timely arrival.

Thank you for your interest in our casting call to be held on Saturday, September 22